Replica Lyra Gemma

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Turn REPLICA one way and read Lyra's story; turn the book over and upside down and read Gemma's story!Lyra's story begins in the Haven Institute, a building tucked away on a private island off the coast of Florida that from a distance looks serene and even beautiful

A lonely teen, her life is circumscribed by home, school, and her best friend, April

But after she is nearly abducted by a stranger claiming to know her, Gemma starts to investigate her family apos s past and discovers her father apos s mysterious connection to the secretive Haven Institute...

But up close the locked doors, military guards, and biohazard suits tell a different story

In truth, Haven is a clandestine research facility where thousands of replicas, or human models, are born, raised, and observed

When a surprise attack is launched on Haven, two of its young experimental subjects - Lyra, aka number 24, and the boy known only as 72 - manage to escape.Gemma has been in and out of hospitals for as long as she can remember